Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sun Destroyers - update

Playing in a band can be one of the great pains in the arse is it's not going well. You can simply torture yourself and your bandmates and relationships can become strained, friendships broken.

I only mention this because, when it's going well, musically that is, everything feels so great. Sun Destroyers has become one of the singualr joys of my life. After seeing the Marillion show the night before, it was great to go out and make some noise of my own, and at last night's rehersal, we did just that!

Now Gabe's doing the writing and arranging and I just show up and play bass, so it's not like this is my band or anything. And last night Gabe was putting himself through a bit of angst (although he sounded great). Perhaps this was related to lack of proper supper (we practice right when we should be eating our evening meal). So, I don't know, maybe I've got it very easy. But, whatever the case, the music is just flowing, the parts are getting locked down more tightly, and there's this beautiful energy and emotion.

So the next step is Gabe's taking some of the bits from 6/2/05 and we'll see if that's good enough to get us a gig. I know it's just a matter of time, really.

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