Thursday, June 09, 2005

Anti-Choice Democrats

Oy yoy yoy. This is a tough one at the Blogerantz/Beck-a-rants household. Can we justify voting for an anti-choice Democrat (Bob Casey, Jr.) to replace an anti-choice Republican (Rick Santorum)?? If there's no difference between the candidates, does it matter what party-affiliation they claim?

While Emily thinks the answer may be no, I'm not so sure. After all, Harry Reid (D-NV) is an anti-choice Democrat, and he's fighting harder than anyone to keep anti-choice ideologues off the high court.

Here's a discussion from DailyKos that sets forth all point nicely in the context of the National Organization of Women's endorsement of a pro-choice republican senator who voted to confirm anti-choice judges.

Perhaps more importantly, the discussion also includes this picture:

Separated at Birth:

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