Thursday, June 28, 2007

French Grand Prix This Weekend

The Supreme Court of the United States is looking to overturn Brown v. Bd of Education, The Vice President has declared himself a separate branch of government, the war rages on with no end in sight, the world's gone mad and peak oil is around the corner.
And with all this, I still can't help my excitement for this weekend's French Grand Prix. Robert Kubica will return after his horrific crash in Motreal; Lewis Hamilton may continue his assault on history by winning his third consecutive race, and the once proud prancing horse of Ferrari appears to be in disarry, complete with fingers pointing and rumors flying. In short, it's all great entertainment with beautiful vehicle that travel at unheard of speeds around death-defying corners in the greatest racing series of them all - F1.

Monday, June 25, 2007

If that don't bring you back...!

UGH - it's been a long time. But I just found a James Booker video, so it's time to start sharing again. Here's the vid and some other cool James Booker stuff:

And check out this link for stuff on "Papa Was a Rascal" which is a great song that is on Resurrection of the Bayou Maharajah, which you should buy now. This man was a genius.