Thursday, June 09, 2005

Phillies Rolling

There's been a slight break in the action here at Blogerantz - sorry, I've been a bit under the weather. So to get back on track, let's take a moment a celebrate those who are also back on track.

The Phillies have lost exactly one game in the month of June and are 8-1 on this homestand. They're beating quality teams (Texas and Arizona) and they even made a big trade. So let's start with Rich Hoffman's Daily News column entitles Ed & Charlie Not So Dumb. It's a good article and a good title. Am I in total agreement? I don't know yet. But this point that a wise man has been stressing (my wife's dad) is worth repeating - it's the players, not the manager and not the GM. Read the Hoffman piece for more on that.

Balls, Sticks & Stuff is a real good Phillies/Philly Sports blog. Today's bit on the trade is a great round up of the mumblings and grumblings around the net regarding the departure of Placebo Polanco. Personally, I think this was a great deal.

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numberonecat said...

It's true - we did have a bad habit of referring to Polanco as "Placebo..." - It's a great trade, no disrepect to Polly. Hope Detroit is a good fit for him, and I hope that Ugi rocks our bullpen and helps carry us to the post-season!