Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heating Up...

Well, it's actually been hot for quite a while, but that's not what I'm talking about. You've got the Phillies heating up, with 9 wins in their last ten games. Cole Hamels pitched beautifully, but we may have lost Victorino and Michael Bourne for a little while, so that could be a problem. But, hey, a little adversity can provide a lot of inspiration for this team.

What else... I'm reading a bunch of great sci-fi, including John Scalzi and John Twelve Hawks. Neil Gaiman continues to inspire, as do the Hellblazer and Swamp Thing graphic novels. That stuffs all been big this summer.
I don't know why there's a picture of Warren Oates here. Maybe because he was kind of a bad-ass in Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia and some other Sam Peckinpah movies.
Now that I've endorsed Kimi for F1 champion, he's cooling off a bit, but F1 has been a circus lately, what with the spy scandal and everything. They're in Badapest this weekend, so we'll see what happens. Scott Speed has been replaced by Sebastian Vettel at Toro Rosso. I wouldn't care so much, but Speed, in addition to being the only American driver in F1, also has ulcerative colitis, just like me. It's pretty cool that he managed to overcome his disease and get to the top of his sport. On the other hand, he's not been the best driver and certainly doesn't get along with team management. Hopefully he'll land on his feet and keep promoting UC awareness.
Now it's back to work - and there's a lot of it. Big civil trial coming up regading the Michael Simmons shooting. I look forward to reporting on that in mid-September. But I'm sure I'll have something else interesting soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Robert F. Simone 1933-2007

I had a few opportunities to hang out with the great Bobby Simone before his recent passing. You could tell how great he was, even in the last year or two. I just could feel that what this man did in a courtroom was the kind of stuff that made me want to be a lawyer in the first place. Not 'To Kill A Mockinbird' or 'Inherit the Wind'; this was the REAL thing.
The best thing to do is read it in his own words. His autobiography is an audacious history of Philadelphia, at times frightening, at times hilarious.
Bobby will be missed by so many people. I only wish I could have seen him in a Courtroom, where he had no equal.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Musical Inspiration

The funky, white (Jewish?) boyz are killing me right now1 Go buy these records. BUY THEM!! First is the Beastie Boys instrumental (that's right!) 'The Mix Up'. Over the past several releases, there's always been a little funky gem on there - now you got a whole album of it!
The other thing needs a little apology because I got sucker punched by NPR, but in a good way. Let me exlpain. On Sunday, 7/8/07, they ran this bit on weekend edition. I don't 100%subscribe to the NPR orthodoxy - blindly Tivo-ing Ira Glass TV shows and holding my breath until the next uprorious episode of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. That being said, I listen because I think much of what they (the NPR/Greenpeace/Amnesty/tax&spendliberals/environmetalistas /etc.) just makes good sense. So then I hear this funky action and this young guy talking about how his dad was an A&R man for Atlantic Records in the 60's and 70's, and, well, I was hooked. The album is called Cinco de Mowo and it's a joyous mish-mash of big band, latin, and funk. CHECK IT OUT!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Kimi - Iceman takes Silverstone

Well, this year's British Grand Prix wasn't the most exciting race ever, but I liked seeing Kimi win and it made me think how great it would be if he could take home the championship. Yes, everyone loves Lewis Hamilton, but he's so young. He'll certainly have his chance in due time. Kimi, on the other hand, has been toiling away for a good little while. Now he has a fantastically quick car and it would be great for him to finally take his place among the immortals.
As a side note, BMW continues to impress as the 'best of the rest' and my man Kubica scored a solid fouth place. Well done!