Thursday, June 02, 2005

Getting it down on tape

Sun Destroyers is looking to get a few numbers down on tape tonight. We may not be endowed with any fancy recording studio, but, damnit, we've got heart. So hopefully, you'll soon hear just how tasty we've become. The music on the website is not bad, but we've been playing pretty steadily for several months now. We've gotten tighter and better at our tasks.

Personally, I'm very psyched for this. I've got a PreTrial conference after lunch where I'll probably get my head chopped off (figuratively speaking, of course), and I'll be ready to rock this evening. There's always that tape-anxiety where I freeze-up whn we're trying to get something down. Hopefully there'll be a minimum of that for all of us tonight. We know these songs and we play them well.

So keep your ears peeled and we'll have some spicy ear candy for you soon enough!

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