Friday, June 24, 2005

Jazz & Blues Fridays - 2d Edition

Roy Buchanan left us too soon on August 14, 1988. At the time he was widely regarded as the best blues guitar player you had never heard of. His stiletto-spiked solos could take the enamel off your teeth and peel the pain off the wall. He was a master technician who NEVER sacrificed an ounce of feel or emotion. Go buy lots of his records, and check out this concert from Kansas City, August 2, 1985, over at Jazz and Blues Fridays on

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Senor Kompor said...

Why I miss Pennsyltuckey:

June 29, 2005 | Harrisburg, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania House session was suspended for more than an hour Wednesday after a black lawmaker, upset by a white colleague's comments about ethnic groups, referred to him as a "cracker."

The comments came during debate on a bill that would allow residents of communities governed by homeowners' associations to fly the American flag on their property, even if association rules prohibited them from doing so.

Rep. Thomas Yewcic, who is white, said people shouldn't be ashamed to support the American flag. "If any ethnic group wants to fly ... a flag, and they're embarrassed to fly an American flag, they should go back to their ethnic origins and fly it there," he said.

In response, Rep. John Myers accused Yewcic of espousing "a belligerent, racist doctrine."

"I think that those type of remarks would come from a cracker," Myers said, using a derogatory term for a poor, white person.

House Speaker John Perzel admonished Myers and Yewcic apologized. Myers then rose again and said he was sorry for uttering the slur, prompting hoots and boos from lawmakers in the chamber. Perzel called a recess for more than an hour.

Both Myers and Yewcic are Democrats.