Friday, June 17, 2005

NEW FEATURE: Jazz and Blues Fridays

This is actually two features in one. As a public service to the world, I will share an unreleasaed concert from the Mpomy archive each Friday. The .mp3s will be available for download for one week, with a new concert going up on the following Friday.

My only request, and this is pure honor system, is that you make a contribution to Multiple Sclerosis research and help me reach my fundraising goal. Here's the link for the MS Society. I'm only asking for people to contribute once, and I'll be posting new Jazz and Blues every Friday - so it's a pretty good deal.

This week we've got a killer concert from Buddy Rich and his Big Band, live in West Berlin in 1977. The sound quality is pretty much crystal clear and the performance is stunning. So go enjoy Jazz and Blues Fridays, and thanks for helping me do my part to help cure the MS.

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