Monday, January 30, 2006


At MPomy HQ there's so much good music, I can't hardly believe it. Firstly, you've got a massive installment of Jazz & Blues Fridays with the late great James Booker. You don't have to look at this picture for too long to know that Booker means business. He was insane!! Mixing the boogie woogie piano of his home town New Orleans with a gifted classical talent, and then smearing the whole thing around with lots of drugs and alcohol. It ultimately proved to be a deadly combination, but the music he made in the meantime is spellbinding. Check out the TWO DISCS' WORTH over at Jazz & Blues Fridays - start your week off right!

And while James Booker is the real highlight, the Hobbit Hole Music produced, arranged, composed and performed by yours truly is maybe worth a listen. I may not be in the 2213 Hobbit Hole, the spirit of that crappy little room at our old apartment lives on. Check out Creative Returns, an improv which marks my first recording at our new abode, and Set Up, which celebrates the remarkable job DiPinto Guitars did on making my old Gibson SG sound young again.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Yet another Sadie Blog

Because you can't really ever get enough!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sun Destroyers - The Rock

First practice in a while was Wednesday night and it was a doosie. Nice to get back in the swing. I don't want to jinx anything with specifics, but there will be more practices, more new songs and gigs (yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus).

Although there's no update at the moment, you will be able to find the details, music and pictures at Sun Destroyers HQ.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quick Sadie Blog

How do you not love her?? Dorothy, Woody - you guys do nice work.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This Man Is a Legend

Yeah, I know he's been doing this for, like, 30 years now, but it's better late than never, right? So I'm maybe not the first person to say it, but Garrison Keillor is a genius, OK? That's my thought for the day.

I mean, think about it. He's writing original music, lyrics, essays and stories every week for Prarie Home Companion. He's cranking out more original material in one year than most artists generate in a lifetime. Now multiply that by THIRTY. Are you kiddin' me?!?

And it's not junk. It's good material. It's moving, political, bizarre, and touchingly humorous. People like this don't come along all that often. Zappa comes to mind, but that's about it.

Anyone out there in comment land think of anyone else?

Monday, January 16, 2006


Some people got it, and some peolpe don't. In case it's not obvious, David Gilmour's got it, especially with that bad Les Paul.


I didn't take this picture. If I had, it would have shown the snow and ice falling from above, although it's somewhat questionable as to whether I could have operated a camera at that moment. in addition to the anticipation of egyption pizza for jake and one greasy-ass beef patty for, there was also quite a strong wind. Not to mention various types of alcohol.

Anyway, nice to see Jake, Russell, Chad, Gus and so many other great folks. Thanks for a great, long, Saturday night!

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Funky Return of Jazz & Blues Fridays

It's time to get funky. This is Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters at their height. Mike Clark (dr), Paul Jackson (b), Benie Maupin (reeds), and Herbie Hancock (keys). East Lansing, MI, right off the radio, October 28, 1973. Enjoy!

Available right now at Jazz & Blues Fridays.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coming Atractions

YES - it's been a while, a LONG while, but we're making a big comeback this month, despite the pile of work that currently has swamped my desk. I realize that the pile is not going away, so I'm not going to wait. I tell myself, "I'll get to it, I'll get to it, just as soon as things settle down." Here's the news - things don't settle down.

So, we've started The Balcony is Closed (see below), and soon we'll be bringing back Jazz & Blues Fridays with great recordings from James Booker and Roy Buchanan. Thanks for your patronage and interest. Remember - if you don't vote, don't bitch!

We've been AT THE MOVIES

If you love movies and you're above a certain age, you undoubtedly know who these two are. Whether they were getting ready to choke each other over a difference of opinion about a cerain summer blockbuster, or whether they were agreeing that an obscure art-house flick was the sleeper of the year, Siskel and Ebert, with their show "At The Movies" did more for my love of movies than any other film critics ever.

This was before the "independant film" movement was incorporated into the money-making machine of Hollywood (thank you, Quentin Tarantino). As the blockbusters of Spielberg began to overtake the protest films of the Viet Nam and post-Viet Nam era, Siskel and Ebert did something perhaps even more revolutionary - they made film criticism entertaining. And no matter how entertaining it got, it was always so informed and scholarly.

So every weekend, my sister and I would rush to see the latest episode of "At The Movies" so we could plan our upcoming trips to the cinema. These two were our guide, and we marveled as they dispensed thumbs up and down from their balcony seats.

As a tribute to the Ernie and Bert of film commentary, you can continue to enjoy erudite and entertaining movie talk, and even join the conversation at The Balcony Is Closed - a new blog hosted by my fabulous better half and her inimitable high school chum Kate.