Friday, June 03, 2005


GREAT Sun Destroyers practice last night (see below), and tomorrow will be a day in the lab with RPG. More .mp3's to follow from that experimentation. So it's a great weekend of music. thanks to Joe and Gabe for a killer Thursday night. Let's see what Saturday brings.

And, of course, after the monster RPG jam, it's baseball at RFK (GO NATS!!!!).

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Mister Vito said...

Although I can't understand the appeal of going to "the lab" to play Role Playing Games, I will assume this has some Hammerish significance.

So The Wife ran off to NYC a few days early and I was given a chance to hit the Sci-Friday in full force. Caught some Stargate, the methadone of sci-fi, and a BSG I ain't seen before. Led to an elaborate web search of older episodes and the widsom of Dirk, Richard, and the inimitable Glenn A. Larson.
I found a lot of semi-judeo-christian pseudo-history and a severe focus on redemption.

Struck me as very different from the other sci-fi I was raised on, i.e. post-apocolyptic fiction.
- Granted, since the end of the Cold War, the majority of our fair nation beleives The Apocolypse was declared by God as the last chapter of the Bible, but back in the day we all lived in fear of the chairman of the ComIntern dropping the Big One.-

So anyway, I'm struck by how these "struck by tragedy" non-heroes lack the survival instinct of Max Rockatansky or the driver in "Exterminators of the Year 3000".
- Okay, so in the translation I saw of the latter movie it was titled "Death-race of the Year 3000", and it was the only spaghetti Mad-max rip-off ever made.

But I digress. Actually, the Chianti just ran out, so I'm done digressing.
Nevermind about sci-fi heroes. I withdraw any doubts I may have suggested about the Christian afterlife. I sincerely apologize for developing a skill-set only appropriate for a post-nuclear world.

Hope you have fun in "The Lab".