Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday All Over The World - Kneeling At The Shrine (1991) (mp3, 160kbps)

Another Fripp collaboration, this time with his wife, pop/avant garde vocalist Toyah Wilcox. This was a nice fix while I was waiting for a new Crimson record to come out. It would still be a few more years until the Crim got back together, but this was a decent album and features some of the Krimson King's signature licks in a more restrained setting. He didn't want to take away from the songs and vocals, which are supposed to be center stage. It's an odd little records, but I've always liked it.

Track Listings
1. Sunday All over the World (4:06)
2. Blood Bruise Tattoo (2:54)
3. Kneeling at the Shrine (5:00)
4. Don't Take It Away (2:30)
5. Transient Joy (4:18)
6. Open Air (3:36)
7. Strange Girls (3:12)
8. If I Were a Man (3:11)
9. Answered with a Smile (3:08)
10. Storm Angel (3:29)
11. Freedom (7:57)

Total Time: 42:21

- Toyah Willcox / vocals
- Robert Fripp / guitar
- Trey Gunn / stick, vocals
- Paul Beavis / drums, percussion

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