Sunday, March 15, 2009

Neil Young - Winterlong (Cincinatti, 1970) (mp3 160kbps)

Great soundboard recording from 1970, back before the death of Danny Whitten. I actually purchased this at collector show, or maybe even a shop with a flexible view of copyright law. The point is, it was a LONG time ago. It sounds great and the list of songs is everything you could hope for from this era, including a primordial version of Don't Let It Bring You Down. There must have been a reissue at some point, because there's much snazzier art available now, but I've supplied the picture that was on the cover of the Swingin' Pig release that I purchased so many years ago.

Feb 25th 1970 @ The Music Hall Cincinnati
The Swinging Pig TSP-CD-042-2

Disc 1
01 On The Way Home
02 Broken Arrow
03 I Am A Child
04 Helpless
05 Dance Dance Dance
06 Sugar Mountain
07 Don't Let It Bring You Down
08 The Old Laughing Lady
09 The Loner
10 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Disc 2
01 Winterlong
02 Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
03 Wonderin'
04 It Might Have Been
05 Down By The River
06 Cinnamon Girl

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