Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crowded House - Stage Time (FM Broadcast) (1991) (mp3. 256 kbps)

UPDATE: this link should be working now. Thanks for pointing out that there was a problem!

This is a great sounding concert from a band at its peak. Thanks to The Lovely Emily (TLE), I have learned the genius of this band. With hits like 'Something So Strong' and 'Weather With You', one might expect this to be more of a pop outfit, but after playing second fiddle to his big brother Tim in Split Enz, Neil Finn was ready to really spread his wings. His guitar playing has always been tremendous and visceral, but in Crowded House, he got to, pretty much, run the show, while working with fantastic musicians and friends at the same time. The result is pure joy and creativity.

Of the varied incarnations of Crowded House, this was my favorite. Tim joined the band to help write and promote the record 'Woodface' and this is the first FM blast from that tour I've heard. The next studio record (Together Alone) is arguably better, but the fun quotient here is higher because of Tim's strong contribution. The brothers always had a great quality for harmonizing.

Then you get Nick Seymour on rock solid bass and visuals, the late Paul Hester on drums and vocals, and Mark Hart - the unassuming Yank who could pretty much do it all (vocals, guitar, keys) really well.

As a guy who grew up listening to Neil Young and Bob Dylan, I'd like to think I have a pretty high standrad for the singer-songwriter routine. It has go to be personal. It has got to be 100% sincere. It has got bring a tear to your eye. And it has got to rock. This band, and this recording, does it all!

October 28, 1991

The Albani Music Club
Winterthur, Switzerland

FM Broadcast

"Stage Time" Silver CDs> EAC> flac

Disc 1:

1. Tall Trees
2. Something So Strong
3. Weather With You
4. Into Temptation
5. There Goes God
6. World Where You Live
7. It's Only Natural
8. All I Ask
9. Don't Dream It's Over
10. Mean To Me

Disc 2:

1. When You Come
2. Chocolate Cake
3. Fall At Your Feet
4. The Same Language As Me
5. Sister Madly
6. How'm I Gonna Sleep
7. I See Red
8. The Weeping Song
9. Better Be Home Soon
10. Throw Your Arms Around Me
11. Four Seasons In One Day


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MPomy said...

This should work now. Sorry about that, but thanks for keeping me honest!

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