Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Pink Floyd - In A Neutral Land (12/9/72) - m4a/AAC 128kbps

Pink Floyd bootlegs were a real onramp for my music collecting. they were readily available and the music was a little different each night. Plus, they worked out new material extensively on the road before going into the studio. There is no better example of this than Dark Side of The Moon. The record is released on March 17, 1973, but the music was performed countless times all during 1972. This was without extra musicians of vocalists (which would come on the '74-'75 tour), so The Great Gig In The Sky was obviously very different. There was also more extended improvisation during On The Run and Any Colour You Like. this was a band either at its peak or very close.

This recording is from the audience, but the quality, while a bit rough around the edges, is still very good to excellent. Everything is clear and the speed (a common affliction among some older recordings) sounds pretty spot-on.

So you've got all of Dark Side, in it's pre-release version; you've got all of Echoes, and a great version at that; and you've got Childhood's End, which was played pretty rarely. There are A LOT of Pink Floyd boots out there and this might be one of the best from their most exciting era.

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