Saturday, December 06, 2008

Grand National - Kicking The National Habit (2004) (mp3 128kbps)

This is a band I first heard on Pandora. I don't know what song I used to start my 'station' on Pandora that day, but somehow, it lead me to this. This was a classic example of the single ("Talk Amongst Yourselves") sounding nothing like the rest of the record. I was attracted by the single's arpegiated riff and the smooth vocal line. The vocals are great throughout, but the heavy synth sound gives way to something a bit different. The influence of the Police is celebrated throughout, but mixed with a strong dose of electronica and 21st century. So while the rest of the record is quite different, it's also quite good.  I especially like 'Playing In The Distance", "Cherry Tree" and "Daylight Goes".

1.  Drink to Moving On - 3:23
2.  Talk Amongst Yourselves" - 4:29
3. Playing in the Distance" - 4:04
4. Boner - 4:24
5. Peanut Dreams - 3:19
6. Cherry Tree - 3:16
7. Coming Round - 4:24
8. Daylight Goes - 4:06
9. North Sound Off - 3:56
10. Litter Bin - 3:59


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You're reading my mind. I've been listening to this nonstop for the past three weeks.