Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brand X - Rated X (Bottom Line, NYC, 1978) (AAC 128kbps)

Sorry about the cover. I couldn't find a larger jpg online. I'll have to scan mine for a better image that you can all download and enjoy. It's raunchy.

Brand X was the British fusion outfit that grew out of Phil Collins' need to go outside the confines of Genesis, starting in the mid-'70's. They made three great records with Phil, but he soon became too busy to keep up with both Genesis and Brand X. While Phil's star power (such as it was back then) may have helped get Brand X on the map, it was the stellar ability of the other musicians in the band that made it more than just another fusion band from the 70's.

When I first started listening to this band, I was absolutely knocked out by the 'unorthodox' bass playing of Percy Jones. His approach on fretless is pretty avant garde compared to Jaco and some other fretless bass giants. Percy uses a stuttering, sliding, gliding technique that goes in and out of the melody and rhythm. It is amazing and complements the percussion of Morris Pert so perfectly, at times they sound like one instrument on this set.

Percy is absolutely fierce, but often took a back seat to the McLaughlin-inflected guitar pyrotechnics of John Goodsal. On this particular night, Goodsal was under the weather and guitarist Mike Miller came in with a very understated style that, instead of taking up lots of space with showcasing licks and solos, he keeps back and lets the band regulars, especially Percy, go to town on this Halloween show.

One other thing. Phil had moved on by this date, but the drummer on this particular night was the incomparable Mike Clark of 'Headhunters' fame. This band burned righteously.

Brand X - live at the Bottom Line, NYC
October 31, 1978

B/Percy Jones
G/Mike Miller
Key/Peter Robinson
D/Mike Clarke
Per/Morris Pert

1.The Ghost Of Mayfield Lodge (18:05)
2.Earth Dance (14:07)
3.Black Moon (8:46)
4.Nuclear Burn (12:07)
5.Deadly Nightshade (19:53)


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