Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Freddie Hubbard - Red Clay (1970) (mp3, 320kbps)

Freddie Hubbard was undoubtedly one of the all-time greats. His trumpet playing went in a different direction from Miles, though he did not sacrifice commercial success. His sound was so string and confident. I saw him one in the '90's at a concert on Penn's Landing. It was a hot sunny day and the outdoor event included a special dual (duel) performance by the always natty Wynton Marsalis, and the (then) slightly full-figured Hubbard who wore comfortable slacks or jeans and a JVC Jazz Fest t-shirt from some untold number of years ago. It didn't fit him very well. The duel featured Wynton first, and he was measured yet sublime. For Hubbard's solo, he first played all of the notes from Wynton's solo, then elevated the jam to a whole new direction.

Hubbard's involvement with the CTI label yielded some extraordinary work. He was a confident and purposeful band-leader who knew how to get the most out of a session. In my opinion, Red Clay is his best solo album, but his work with Coltrane, Art Blakey, Eric Dolphy and Herbie Hancock all stand out. He was a giant and he will be missed. Freddie Hubbard: 7 April 1938 – 29 December 2008.

"Red Clay" (Hubbard) - 12:11
"Delphia" (Hubbard) - 7:23
"Suite Sioux" (Hubbard) - 8:38
"The Intrepid Fox" (Hubbard) - 10:45
"Cold Turkey" (John Lennon) - 10:27
"Red Clay" (Hubbard) (alt take) - 18:46

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