Friday, July 29, 2005

Stick this in yer iPod! It's Jazz & Blues Friday!!!

The new Jazz & Blues Fridays Is now available for your downloading pleasure. We're going back to the Blues this week.

It's that sound that takes the enamel off your teeth - the tone that can strip the pain right off the walls. That lil ole band from Texas - ZZTOP! When the Reverend Billy Gibbons digs into his '59 Les Paul (affectionately know as 'Pearly gates'), internal organs are rearranged and the blood comes pouring out your eyeballs.

This is from the German Rockpalast prorgram, April 19, 1980. Unless you're a real aficionado, you won't recognize a lot of these titles because it's before the super-hits like 'She's Got Legs' and 'Sharp Dressed Man". So what you have here is a double-disc of blues power, far enough into the band's development so that THE SOUND is there in full force, but early enough to have the fire, particularly in songs like 'Heard It On The X' and 'Jailhouse Rock'.

Some might think this isn't real blues, but that's pure bullsh!t. ZZTop, and particularly the Reverand bring it with all the passion, soul and grace of any of the 'classic' blues - just with an extra helping of grease and hot sauce.

Download available now at Jazz & Blues Fridays.

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