Friday, July 22, 2005

Finally - JAZZ & BLUES FRIDAY!!!

Thanks for your patience, everybody. I'll try not to let that happen again. Of course, you had a few extra weeks with John Lee Hooker, so that's not too bad.

Now we go back to the jazz side of things. Wayne Shorter is my favorite sax player. He was a musical director in the early sixties with Art Blakey, and he just helped bring the power of that hard bop into something anybody could listen to and love. He then got with Miles and made the transition to electric jazz, leaving as Miles was just beginning to take flight with his jazz rock bands.

I think there was a ton of pressure on Wayne to be the next Coltrane, but he never really looked back after his time with Miles. Weather Report took that spark from Bitches Brew and went on to change music forever.

Wayne's solo stuff has always been challenging. Even when he's soloing, there's still a developed sense of composition and order which is extremely unique. I listen to Wayne and feel that every note (including the entire ensemble) has to be in it's special place. It's powerful stuff.

Anyway - here's Wayne, with an electric band, promoting the album High Life, which, if you like this stuff, you should go right out and buy. This concert is from the Hollywood Bowl in June of 1986, and it's a doosy! Go check it out at Jazz & Blues Fridays on

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