Friday, July 29, 2005

Battlestar Galactica - How long have we got?

At the end Blade Runner, you have an audio flashback. Harrison Ford hears the voice of Gaff, played by, of all people, Edward James Olmos:
Its too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?

To which Deckard replies, in pertinent part:

...I didn't know how long we had together, who does?

In a brief aside in the August issue, Wired Magazine just called Battlestar Galactica the best show on television. Not the best sci-fi show, or the best genre show, or the best drama, or the best prime-time show. In fact, there were no qualifiers whatsoever. "The best show on television"

An while I don't know if Wired Magazine should be anyone's cultural barometer, I can tell you that, even with my limited TV vieiwing, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television and one of the best shows I've ever seen.

So here's the question. The few other shows I've watched in the past ten years or so all went bad, or at least got worse. And while I'm happy to sit back and enjoy the ride, it is my wont to forsee trouble. How long can a show this good keep it up? How much time do we have left.


garcia said...

man, Hammer -- you know how to kill a guy. first, you got your Billy Gibbons, then you got your BSG. awesome. that said, try to live in the moment, old pal. ZZ's last few records, for instance, have great tone but bad songs. that doesn't detract from how great songs on the first 6 were. now, if BSG starts sucking TONIGHT and forevermore, we'll always have that first season, ya know what i mean? if, however, the show gets even more awesome, then we'll have a problem on our hands - for instance, tonight i'm going to happy hour with an ex-boss, then going to watch a band, and then going to watch another band, and then going to a party -- but i'm a giant douchebag because in the middle of all that i'm GOING HOME from 10 til 11 to watch BSG. what kind of flaming 'tard does that on a Friday night? this kind. what kind of flaming 'tard doesn't tell his NYC friends he's going home in the middle of the evening for a brief sojourn into outer space? this one. i hope the show gets worse, so i can be free, or i hope it moves to a less dork-infested night, like Sundays, so i can be normal again.

mistervito said...

"Dune was created to test the faithfull"

Its more due to general binge drinking than any particular agenda that I keep popping in as Jakey's occasional foil....

I'm siding with the Tejano on ZZ Top still kicking ass.

As for "The Struggle", I have no patience for either of you chingues losing faith. I feel no shame in finally revealing to you that I am, in fact, an instrument of God's will. And it should be clear at this point that The Lord clearly wants you to watch BSG.

Just as the Lord's Vengeance is wrathfull, His Rewards will bring bliss.

Jake, your faith will be rewarded.

Mike, look into your own soul... Your lack of faith greatly concerns me. I'm thinking 40 years in the desert or some other similar fate.

But perhaps it is my own fault for failing to provide spritual reassurance in the 11th anniversary of the original Battlestargalactathon.
Fear not, Brother Michael... the Pegasus shall returm to assist Galactica in the crusade against the Cylons. The Lords of Cobol shall smite the unbeleivers with a Hammer of Vengeance.

Unfortunately Lloyd Bridges will not be able to make a cameo.