Monday, August 01, 2005

Remember When Recess Was Fun??

Well, this guy's so happy he can't see straight. Of course, back in my youth, "recess appointment" often meant meeting upper classmen to get a good going over before classes resumed. This continued in college, except it wasn't so much the older students, as the people in my grade. I'm thinking of the so-called "get hammer" play.

The significance of all this to our brand spankin' new UN ambassador? Well, I guess it's just a whole new sort of butt-kicking. How delightful.


garcia said...

Ah yes!, the "Get Hammer" play. One of my favorites! Even though I think I was on your team every time it came up, it still filled my heart with wonder and joy. How many times did it happen back then, I wonder? Just twice?

Seems like Bush loves the Get Hammer play.

MPomy said...

THe beautiful thing about the 'Get Hammer' play was that it didn't matter whose team you were on. This was a chance for everyone to put aside their differences and just get Hammer.

-mpomy, a/k/a Hammer