Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Eno - the old master still has it

Just go get Another Day on Earth - a stunningly beatiful and delicate album of songs (that's right - songs!) by Brian Eno. You can hear so much of what he's done over the past 35 years, all coming together on one small record, and it's great. The ambience mixes with the pop sensibility; the production is detailed but not overbearing. I was a big fan of Nerve Net, and this new album is not so 'in your face'. There is, however, a strong connection to Eno's past (Before and After Science, Another Green World) that was missing from Nerve Net.

Eno has insinuated himself into our collective consciousness with all the success he's had for other artists. It's nice to hear the genuine article without Bowie or U2 or Lanois or Gabriel acting as mediator.

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