Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Two Trials Later

So that's why the light posting. One short trial last week (Mon and Tues) and then another, even shorter one this week (Tues). Both against Allstate. I can say that the good guys won in the first, thanks to an eminently reasonable, Main Line jury in Delaware County - such a lovely crew. Our more recent effort awaits decision (tomorrow) directly from the bench. It's a case that will be decided by the Judge alone - so even now The Honorable G. Thomas Bowen is chewing over the various tidbits of fact and law we served to him yesterday morning. I'm certain that the old sweetheart will do the right thing.

But having dispensed with a few words of admiration for the decision-makers in these matters, I find my mind returning to my adversary. Allstate. The Good Hands People. Although this business should never be personal, I must say that Allstate is abhorrent. There are simply no two ways about it. I feel it would be in poor taste to relate all the inappropriate (not to mention knowingly false) utterances spoken by Allstate's representative outside the tribunal (she was wisely restrained from giving evidence by her learned counsel). It must be mentioned, however that the superiority and arrogance of these people is off the charts. It is only matched by their laziness - which is what invariably led to both of these matters being litigated and finally tried (twice, actually, in the second case).

Yesterday, despite having a fairly good go of it in the Courtroom, I was filled with rage. Today I am just amazed that Allstate can run it's business like that.

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