Friday, May 06, 2005

Phillies related - "Fog of Paranoia and Denial"

Here's what you need to do - READ BILL CONLIN. Read him today and every day you're lucky enough to see his coumn in the Philadelphia Daily News.

This team is a disgrace and it may be too late for this ownership to do anything about it. Someone needs to pull an Andy Reid on their asses - rewrite the book. Do something different. Stand up and take a chance.

I do not believe that the answer is boycott. I never have. Yes, it's true that the purchase of tickets lines the pockets of this wretched ownership and they will, therefore, never be encouraged to make a change.

Others say we should hope the team gets worse so that even this dimwitted, nearsighted, ownership will make a change. Well, I simply will not root against the Phillies. Period.

But I will yell and scream and tell everyone I know that this can not and should not go on. If we stop paying attention and stop going to the games - that breeds apathy. Apathy is as good as approval to this lot. They figure, "if no one's complaining too loudly, then everything must be going OK, right?" WRONG!

So please raise a voice in whatever way you know how. Read Conlin and help lift this fog of denial and paranoia.

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