Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sun Destroyers - ready to move up

After a few open-mic-nights at The Fire on Girard Ave., Sun Destroyers are CLEARLY ready for a full set. There's plenty of material and plenty of gumption. Gabe's songwriting continues to baffle and delight. Joe is just getting better and better. I LOVE playing bass and lust after super-expensive-exotic bottom end (not going to happen).

The Fire is a perfect place for us to play our first set. The venue just goes with Gabe's raw energy and direct expression. Plus, we know how to get there and where to park and stuff like that. Unfortunately, despite our otherwise professional demeanor, we don't have a tape. Gotta have a tape... and maybe some stickers too... Yeah, I'd like some stickers. Which, of course, means we gotta think of a logo. Oh sure, I'll get right on that...!

So, the next step is a tape (and stickers!) and we'll try to get something good on mini-disc at our next visit to RPM. We're thinkin' Barbarian Apeman and one other song - that one in 'C' that's been around awhile but it's so f#%&n' good. If we can get that sounding OK, we'll start handing it around and see if we can play late some weeknight, at The Fire or wherever.

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