Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Political Moment - US Senate

Congress has lately shown itself to be a foolish vaudeville act that shuns its responsibility in favor of the politicking and hogging the spotlight. You would certainly be justified in the belief that it is a waste of space to devote any lines to such abject silliness.

Despite this spate of bad behavior, I do believe could can come of it, especially in the Senate, especially if the majority shifts. There's a lot of talk around here about Santorum/Casey, and that is a contest fraught with problems. But my current concern is with our sister-state New Jersey. Corzine is committed to his run for governor and I believe he can do a lot of good for NJ, should he be elected.

A Corzine successor is almost given to be a Democrat considering the political leanings of NJ, but this is a perfect opportunity to find someone who embodies fearless reform, instead of just another number to help us get the majority.

So who should that be?

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