Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mail Art for Dylan's 64th Birthday

So is this one of those things where everyone already knows about it and I'm the last one to know? Probably. I'm not very cutting edge.

Anyway, mailart is art that gets sent through the post. I'm just discovering this, but it seems, basically, that simple. Kind of refreshing compared to your current, digitized lifestyle. So to celebrate Dylan's 64th birthday (May 24, 2005) Ed Giecek is hosting a mailart exhibition. The results are posted HERE and they're VERY COOL. Don't forget to look in the archive, seems he's been taking submission since December.

A few of my early favorites are Invisible Now, One More Cup from Sylvia, How Does It Feel?, and Passport Brown Envelope. I really need to digest more of these. There's so much great stuff here.


Ed Giecek said...

Hay Michael! Thank'zZ for posting this link to my mailart project. Hope to see some mail from you as well! May you stay forever young!

Syl said...

I like your Tolstoy story...that's the way it step/image leads to the other. The whole is made from it's intricate parts. Glad you liked my little addition.