Saturday, April 02, 2005

Getting Very Psyched for Bob

We'll be making our way up to the Beacon in NYC at the end of this month. Should be a VERY good show.

I've been helping to get myself into a frenzy with a few choice file shares from This is a great BitTorrent for unreleased musical recordings. I know folks like Don Henley think file sharing will put him out of a job (like HE needs more money), but, as Brian Eno and others understand - you can't stem the tide of technology. Music must be available on a wider basis, and the internet gives the artist a great opporunity to interact with the audience. Besides, outlawing this technology will have a chilling effect on future innovations. Of course, to Don Henley, who hasn't really done anything compelling in the last 20 years, the end of innovation is not really a problem.

Bob, on the other hand, is still writing and still kickin ass.

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Ed Giecek said...

I hear he'z wearin' a black cowboy hat for this tour...