Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Van Halen - Goldenwest Ballroom (1976) (mp3, 160kbps)

The Golden West Ballroom appears to have little significance outside of the fact that is was the scene of this concert in 1976. It was our Great Nation's two hundredth birthday; punk didn't exist yet; Prog Rock and Jazz Fusion were still riding high, but showing some signs of aging; Miles Davis was in self-imposed exile from music. And this quartet from Los Angeles was getting ready to change everything about how we understand that ephemeral phrase: ROCK AND ROLL!!

I only wish there were a bit more bass in teh recording, but it's still a killer.
  1. On Fire 2:35
  2. Show Your Love 4:37
  3. Last Child 4:27
  4. Tush 3:05
  5. The Rover 6:19
  6. Let's Get Rockin' 3:11
  7. Ice Cream Man 5:12
  8. Last Night 3:52
  9. Eruption 3:09
  10. We Die Young 3:36
  11. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 4:47
  12. Babe Don't Leave Me Alone 4:14
  13. Let Me Swim In Your Ocean 1:40
  14. She's The Woman 3:23

Total Time - 54:07

The link is in the comments.

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