Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chaos A.D. - Buzz Caner (1998) (mp3, 160kbps)

This is being reposted for my 'Artist of the Week' exhibit about Squarepusher. This record is not on ebay or iTunes, and the cheapest one on Amazon is over $100 (for a CD)! It's probably worth it.

Not for the faint of heart. You'll notice that the label says Squarepusher, and that's who it is, performing under the alias Chaos A.D. I believe a lot of this is culled from his early recording that predate the Warp releases - all of which are phenomenal and worthy of your hard-earned discretionary income. This is less jazz-fusion and more straight-up dance/electronica. You can still hear a lot of the trademark Squarepusher tricks, but this music is a little more of an explorations, instead of an experiment. Does that make any sense?

As with most music, the best way to understand it is to simply listen. Some of this is a bit hard to digest - the obnoxious streak (that I find endearing) is present today (listen to the ep 'Numbers Lucent') and it was present back then. Proceed with caution.

  1. Thin Life (5:20)
  2. Mess Head (7:06)
  3. Bioslate (6:35)
  4. Generation Shit (3:10)
  5. Dreaded Pestilence (6+:22)
  6. Mind War Electro (9:00)
  7. Friend Track (3:54)
  8. Psultan Part 1 (5:17)
  9. Theme From Cumberland Wrestling (4:39)
  10. Male Pill Part 6 (6:51)
  11. Up The Gary (6:21)
  12. Dave's Safety Lamp (6:12)
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