Friday, June 26, 2009

Squarepusher - Shinjuku Liquid Room (1997) (mp3, 160kbps)

This is pretty much the moment when everything changed. The good news was that Tom Jenkinson was going to be able to pursue his chosen career and actually make some money doing it. The bad news was that he was going to be a celebrity. It seems there was always a strong level of interest in his 'sound' in Japan, but it was his extraordinary performance style that closed the deal. There were DJ's and there were knob twiddlers, but there was nothing like Squarpusher. YouTube has two videos from this performance; Beep Street and Cooper's World. they apear to have beenbroadcast on MTV, but I'm thinking that wasn't in the USA. As a result of the Hard Normal Daddy lp, Squarepusher became a major label (Sony) artist in Japan.

Things changed big time after the popularity set in, and the music of revolt came next. But before that awkward period of exploration, there was this rebirth of fusion, mated with the most cutting edge technology, and an artist who refused to be defined by any boundry. YouTube may have the two videos, but with this recording your ears get the whole show. Enjoy!

Shinjuku Liquid Room
Tokyo, Japan
July 24, 1997

  1. intro 2:14
  2. The Swifty 5:33
  3. Coopers World 5:15
  4. Beep Street 6:55
  5. EZ Boogie 8:20
  6. Journey to Reedham 6:39
  7. Full Rinse 2:41
  8. Massif (Stay Strong) 6:19
  9. Anirog Da 1:12
  10. Chin Hippy 3:24
  11. Come On My Selector 3:41
  12. The Body Builder 3:19
  13. Dimotane Co. 4:38
  14. encore 7:02

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