Friday, May 22, 2009

Wayne Shorter - Joy Rider (1988) (aac, 256kbps)

We're coming down the homestretch for these crazy albums. This one, again, not well loved by the critics, is perhaps the most powerful of the era. 'Over Shadow Hill Way' and the title track both made it onto the acclaimed Beyond The Sound Barrier, and everybody loves that album (including me)! Is it possible that people heard that so-called contemporary jazz production and just gave up on these records? I think it's more than possible. It is the same formula he'd used on the last two, and I find the results to be similarly stunning. After spending a lifetime in the improv business, Wayne embraced the technology (just like his old partner Zawinul did) but then went off into the inner space of painstaking composition. 'Cathay' and 'Causeways' are the two unsung heroes of this record. They show that atmosphere and composition can go together - if you know your music! In an era when all music was getting more and more stripped down, Wayne took his time and made something that was not necessarily 'of the moment'. Peerhaps that's why, when I listen to this strange and beautiful music now, I find it to be absolutely timeless.

  1. Joy Ryder
  2. Cathay
  3. Over Shadown Hill Way
  4. Anathem
  5. Causeways
  6. Daredevil
  7. Someplace Called "Where"
All Compositions by Wayne Shorter
  • Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, 1988

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Thanks man, have been looking for this record for a while. I totally agree with you: timeless.
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