Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wayne Shorter - High Life (1995) (mp3, 160kbps)

UPDATE: As a little post script to Wayne Shorter week, here's a re-post of the one that got me thinking that, hey, this guy is a bona fide genius!

Uncompromising. Every single note has to be in the exact right place. This is painstaking composition, all for the greater good of the song. The result is a set of compositions that seem to float in the air, darting and dodging with the delicacy of a butterfly. But Wayne doesn't sting like a bee, not here at least. Instead, his moments of improvisation come forth with such power that they soar above the beatiful cloud that is creared by all those notes.

This is a beautiful recording, but suffers a bit from Marcus Miller's production. These compositions would hold up perfectly well in an acoustic format, but the production makes it a bit glossier than it needs to be. So please, wade through that and be patient. Wayne is always worth it!

1. Children Of The Night 7:24
2. At The Fair 7:30
3. Maya 5:12
4. On The Milky Way Express 5:35
5. Pandora Awakened 6:19
6. Virgo Rising 6:46
7. High Life 6:28
8. Midnight In Carlotta's Hair 5:54
9. Black Swan (In Memory Of Susan Portlynn Romeo) 5:54

Wayne Shorter
Rachel Z: Piano, Synthesizer
David Gilmore: Guitar
Lenny Castro: Percussion
Airto Moreira: Percussion
Munyungo Jackson: Percussion
Kevin Ricard: Percussion
Will Calhoun: Drums
Terri Lyne Carrington: Drums
Marcus Miller: Producer

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