Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Albert King - Jammed Together (1969) (mp3, 320kbps)

Have I mentioned how much I love Albert King?  Have I mentioned how he's THE guy that put it all together for me?  How, when I heard his playing, it was like everything in the whole world all of the sudden made sense?  Have I mentioned that before?  I guess I kinda have, but I'm doing it again!

This is a great set because it matches big Albert with the soulful voice and vibrato guitar of Pops Staples (of the Staples Singers) and the rock solid fundamentals of ("HIT IT") Steve Cropper.  This is more than an Albert King record - this is a Stax record.  And it is all good.

  1. What'd I Say
  2. Tupelo
  3. Opus De Soul
  4. Baby What You Want Me To Do
  5. Big Bird
  6. Homer's Theme
  7. Trashy Dog
  8. Don't Turn Your Heater Down
  9. Water
  10. Knock On Wood

The link is in the comments.


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Hey Mike:
I just sort of "re-found" this website. Great stuff. Thanks. I downloaded last night this Albert King set, a 1992 Lindsey Buckingham, and the James Booker Prince collection that I'm listening to right now. Thanks a lot, bro. Hope you and da wife are doing well.