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Frank Zappa - Swiss Cheese At The Festhalle Basel (1974) (mp3, c. 256kbps - vbr)

Brilliant recording from a great era. The cover recalls Roxy & Elswhere, which is a great record to start with if you don't know Frank's music. Roxy runs about 68 minutes. This monster weighs in at a considerably more portly 2-1/2 hours, and it's 'all killer, no filler'. It may lose a few points, through no fault of its own, for being just after Jean-Luc Ponty left the band, but the sheer mass of material on this recording more than makes up for it. Also, with Jean-Luc out of the band, I have a theory that Frank felt more comfortable and more in charge.

Some of this material may be heard on the 'You Can't Do that On Stage Anymore' series, but, rather than a compilation of snippets from throughout the career, you get the whole concert (and then some). The filler material is also high quality, making for a nice, beefy package.

Frank Zappa - Swiss Cheese at the Festhalle Basel in 1974

This recording is a digital copy of the Frank Zappa CD bootlegrecord Swiss Cheese at the Festhalle Basel in 1974.
Label: FZ BA 01/02

Swiss Cheese at the Festivalhalle Basel in 1974 (2 CD)

* Festhalle Mustermesse, Basel, Switzerland, 01-Oct-1974 (early show)
* Harrisburg, 07-Nov-1974
* Capitol Theater, Passiac, 08-Nov-1974

Label: FZ BA 01/02
Sound quality: very good soundboard

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Ruth Underwood, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Chester Thompson, Tom Fowler and George Duke

1. Tush Tush Tush Incl. Band Introduction (02:15)
2. Stink-Foot (07:06)
3. Inca Roads (13:13)
4. Cosmik Debris (12:38)
5. Approximate Version One (01:21)
6. Approximate Version Two (01:06)
7. Approximate Version Three (00:43)
8. Approximate Whole Version (04:21)
9. Preamble Chesters Gorilla (01:39)
10. Florentine Pogen (09:49)
11. Preamble Incl. Tuning (01:27)
12. Penguin in Bondage (08:15)
13. T'Mershi Duween (03:52)
14. Dog Meat (06:36)
15. Preamble Stupid Fucking Song (01:25)

16. Camarillo Brillo (06:29)
17. Preamble Oh No, I Don't Believe It (00:50)
18. Oh No (01:33)
19. Son of Orange County (06:01)
20. Trouble Every Day (07:09)
21. Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat (02:36)
22. Building a Girl (01:45)
23. Preamble Love Song (00:50)
24. Florentine Pogen (08:07)
25. Montana (07:00)
26. The Hook (Dupree's Paradise) (26:23)
27. Ruthie-Ruthie (02:16) [Berry/Zappa/Brock] [same recording as on Stage #1]
28. Smell My Beard (05:08) [may or may not be as on Stage #4]

* Tracks 1-20 live at the Festhalle Mustermesse in Basel, Switzerland, 01-Oct-1974 (early show).
* Tracks 21-26 live in Harrisburg 07-Nov-1974.
* Tracks 27-28 live at the Capitol Theater, Passiac, 08-Nov-1974.

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