Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tony Banks - Bankstatement (1989) (mp3, vbr)

This record had nothing like the success of Mike and The Mechanics. And don't even mention Phil Collins' solo career. In fact, the album had nothing like success at all, with next to no sales. At the time, you were still making a record like this with the hope of having a single break the top ten. The song chosen, 'Throwback', is clearly the weakest on an otherwise heartfelt and complex 80's prog record. 'Big Man' returns the token Tony vocal. All the other songs are, thankfully, sung be extremely talented guests, including Jayney Klimick and Alistair Gordon. If you can get past some of the pop schmaltz, you will hear the genuis of the man who brought you Firth of Fifth, One For The Vine and Island In The Darkness. There is a thoughtful intensity that really comes out in The Border and The More I Hide It. Thursday The 12th is the instrumental no-brainer to close the record. The link is in the comments. Here's the track listing:

1. Throwback
2. I'll Be Waiting
3. Queen Of Darkness
4. That Night
5. Raincloud
6. The Border
7. Big Man
8. A House Needs A Roof
9. The More I Hide It
10. Diamonds Aren't So Hard (omitted from LP version)
11. Thursday The Twelfth

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