Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lusk - Free Mars (1997)

This record has been described as heavily experimental psychedelic pop. I would add progressive rock to the list. The band comes from the mind of ex-Tool bassist Paul D'Amour and Chris Pitman, who went on to work with Guns and Roses. Apparently this was nominated for a Grammy, but there was never a follow-up. The project was heavily overshadowed by a record called OK Computer, which came out the same year. The track listing is as follows:

1. "Backworlds"
2. "Savvy Kangaroos"
3. "Gold"
4. "Free Mars"
5. "Doctor"
6. "Mindray"
7. "The Hotel Family Affair"
8. "Black Sea Me"
9. "Undergarden"
10. "Kill The King"

This is mp3 at 128kbps. The link is in the comments.


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Thank you, I discovered Chris Pitman's stuff through GNR, turns out he's better than I originally gave him credit for