Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day culture - fringe and a movie

This long weekend, in addition to working on upcoming trials and putting a roof rack/bike rack on the car, we've done a decent job of enjoying others' company and art-works.
First the Fringe performance of Flamingo/Winnebago. JoeZ accompanied us to the Painted Bride and the 90-minute show was rocked out, musical, dance, movement, road-movie extravaganza. Politics, humor, and a kicking band with the best name, all combined to make a great show. Just four performers took us from the planes and dessert to Vegas, all on pretty much the last day anyone will ever be able to buy gas or use anything requiring fossil-fuels. It's a lot to take in, but the energy level is contagious and by the time you get to the classic rock sing-a-long finale, it's pretty much worth a cheer.
We also got a very gracious invitation from our neighbors down the street. We sat on their roof deck while watching The Good Shepherd. Although a bit bleak, it's good psychological drama. Robert DeNiro's direction shows strong awareness of his love of classic movies, without looking derivative. I was expecting more of an espionage thriller, but this was understated and very deliberately paced. I particularly like Oleg Shtefanko as Matt Damon's super-spook counterpart.

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