Monday, September 12, 2005

Out of the shadows...

Exactly one month (to the day), I am happy to report that Blogerantz is back online.

My thought for the day concerns this gentleman to the left, Mr. Bruce Springsteen. I want to celebrate our recently acquired tickets to his upcoming acoustic show (returning to Philly this fall) by mentioning the Boss's affinity for the dark side.

A concert is a unique experience; an opportunity to participate in emotions and feelings that are not part of the everyday routine. For Bruce, many of those feelings focus on the darkest and most dangerous feelings people can have, when life is in the balance and actions are deperate. His ability to articulate in this fashion, to take us to those shadowy places where strength and violence become more than just show pieces and bravado, that is what makes these concerts so special.

And, yes, there are happy numbers interposed to give relief to the heavy-osity, but anyone who truly appreciates these performances, knows that the rubber meets the road at "Jungleland", "Lost in the Flood" and "Into The Fire". We can only celebrate with the likes of "Ramrod" and "Raise Your Hand" after we have lived through those epics of struggle and loss.

So I'm sorry we won't be seeing McCartney this time around, but I can not imagine a concert-going experience that is as rewarding where the darkest and most evil emotion comes courtesy a James Bond theme.

Thank you, Bruce, for not shying away from the sadness and the madness, even after all these years. And thank you to Cousin Steven for (a) making it all possible and (b) for understanding about McCartney.

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