Thursday, September 15, 2005

Goodbye, public trash creation project

I hate the Philadelphia Metro. It's not a newspaper, it's a neatly stacked pile of rubbish just waiting to be strewn about carelessly. In 2000, SEPTA decided it would give this junkie newspaper out for free at train stations and other transit stops throughout the city.

What kind of newspaper is this? Just a collection of wire reports, splashy color photos and advertising. No civic or social relevance at all. AND - no recycling. So it's been frustrating over these past five years while the garbage has piled up everywhere while people pick up this circular, and immediately discard it.

Thankfully, you won't see the METRO after September 30, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Of course, it's not because of the qestionable journalistic value, or the ecological disaster. In fact, SEPTA's angry that it doesnt have more METRO's to distribut on buses. Whatever. I'm just glad the thing will be gone.


TheMoney&TheFame said...

Hey there. I was in your crappy city alot last summer. Philly sucks. What the hell do you people do for fun ;)?

mistervito said...

Who is "themoney&thefame" and why is he raggin' on P-town?
Ain't he got no brotherly love?
Does he realize how hard it is to cross the Schuylkill in cement shoes?

A concerned former citizen...

garcia said...

i'm glad that paper's gone, too. NYC has one now, too (not sure if they're related -- or, as you might have said once upon a time, "maybe related but always berated").

Hams, send me your email address -- we're trying to send you Darediablo emails and we're getting rejected. do you have a new one?