Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Genesis - As Good As Gold (1980) (mp3, 128kbps)

While it may be more of a Wind & Wuthering-type day (cold and rainy), I'm still upset about the loss of Harry Kalas. My first thought was to post a little blues, but then I though about listening to Genesis - Duke when I was eight years old. I had not formed any kind of sophisticated musical pallette at that time, but I knew I liked this album. That was a good thing, becuase my Dad (apparently not knowing this was big-time prog) played this record over and over at high volume. I especially remember loving 'Heathaze' and 'Duchess', the latter of which is included on this glorious bootleg. Like the voice of Harry Kalas calling the Phillies, the sound of that record was a great comfort to me from long ago.

This is the London Lyceum, May 7, 1980. Genesis were busy finding out that they could conquer the world, play prog and make a gazillion dollars with hits like 'Turn It On Again' and 'Misunderstanding.' These were happy times. Everyone was contributing as much as they wanted. Collins was more and more comfortable as the front man and Tony was not yet threatened by Collins' success. All three members were getting their solo careers going and they clearly sensed that the skt was the limit. Given what happened over the next 6 years, they undoubtedly underestimated their commercial potential.

This show was prepeed for the radio, and I'm sure some portion of it went out over the air, but this is the WHOLE show in pre-FM format. That means no ads, no DJ's, no interruptions, just pure music. It's a great set, but mainly because ther album they were touring was so good. they were getting away from some of the more cumbersome prog-o-sourus tunes from the early cretaceous (70's), but there are still a few teases from the Gabriel days.

Deep In the Motherlode 6:17
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (intro) 1:49
Carpet Crawlers 5:38
Squonk 7:37
One For the Vine 15:06
Behind The Lines 5:22
Duchess 6:48
Guide Vocal 1:39
Turn It On Again 4:43
Duke's Travels 7:15
Duke's End 4:32
Say It's Alright Joe 7:52
The Lady Lies 9:21
Ripples 13:06
In The Cage / Slipperman 8:36
Afterglow 4:40
Follow You, Follow Me 4:42
Dance On A Volcano 4:41
Drum Duet 0:51
Los Endos 7:22
I Know What I Like 10:16
The Knife 3:59

Banks, Rutherford, Collins, Thompson & Steurmer

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