Sunday, February 08, 2009

James Booker - The Piano Prince of New Orleans (1976) (mp3 160kbps)

What an outstanding treat. I feel like I'm sitting on a gold mine with these two posts. A few years ago the Dime coughed up this gem, indicating that it was a solo piano show by Mr. Booker emanating from a soundboard or FM source. The dates of the shows are October 29th and 30th, 1976. I made mp3 of this show available way back in the days of my version of That relic had 'Jazz and Blues Fridays', which then lead to the 'Prog Listening Group', which it still up and running and has plenty of tasty musical treats.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out how to get the content off of the old page. The links are there, but the music is not. Worse still, Googling this show brings up that same old page - with links but no music. I've even had a request for these from some unknown music-lover. I would never have thought this item was so rare, but a quick search revealed zero good sources.

This morning, I finally found my copies of the disks, only having undergone lossless conversion. When I looked for info on these steller performances, I quickly found out why they sound so amazing. Excerpts of the two dates appear to have been released as two live albums in Germany. Good luck trying to get your hands on THAT vinyl!

So here's disc one - 'The Piano Prince of New Orleans'

1. Life
2. One Helluva Nerve
3. United Our Thing Will Stand
4. Slowly But Surely
5. Too Much Blues
6. Junko Partner
7. Classified
8. Stormy Monday
9. Sixty Minute Man / You Talk Too Much
10. Please Send Me Someone to Love


MPomy said...

Anonymous said...

Hey MPomy,
So what exactly are you saying in this post? I think I am the stranger you are referring to who requested this music. It's been around a year and I can't stop thinking about it. If you are saying that you have figured out a way to access these albums, please clarify how to do so. I really appreciate any effort that you make to reunite me (and hopefully others) with this wonderful music by the late great James Booker.

MPomy said...

The link in my first comment IS the album, available for you to download right now! All the links are in the comments - just copy and paste.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks indeed! Cheers - Mick from Oz.