Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We've been AT THE MOVIES

If you love movies and you're above a certain age, you undoubtedly know who these two are. Whether they were getting ready to choke each other over a difference of opinion about a cerain summer blockbuster, or whether they were agreeing that an obscure art-house flick was the sleeper of the year, Siskel and Ebert, with their show "At The Movies" did more for my love of movies than any other film critics ever.

This was before the "independant film" movement was incorporated into the money-making machine of Hollywood (thank you, Quentin Tarantino). As the blockbusters of Spielberg began to overtake the protest films of the Viet Nam and post-Viet Nam era, Siskel and Ebert did something perhaps even more revolutionary - they made film criticism entertaining. And no matter how entertaining it got, it was always so informed and scholarly.

So every weekend, my sister and I would rush to see the latest episode of "At The Movies" so we could plan our upcoming trips to the cinema. These two were our guide, and we marveled as they dispensed thumbs up and down from their balcony seats.

As a tribute to the Ernie and Bert of film commentary, you can continue to enjoy erudite and entertaining movie talk, and even join the conversation at The Balcony Is Closed - a new blog hosted by my fabulous better half and her inimitable high school chum Kate.

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